VIP ‘How To Be As StressFree As A Bird’ ENG

345 students
This online coachprogram is an extension on the standard version ‘How To Be As StressFree As A Bird’. With help from a specialized coach you will get more energie, feel less tension en kick worrying out of the door! 
You will feel less stress with this special VIP course. For 12 weeks you will receive a tailor-made assignment every two weeks next to the standard course assignments.
In addition, you receive no less than two coaching sessions of 45 minutes each. With the first coach session you are guaranteed to make a flying start. The second coaching session can be redeemed whenever you prefer.
In addition to the coach assignments you will be accompanied with audio support throughout the assignments This allows you to replay the audio again and again.  This makes it even easier to achieve your goal, a stress-free life.
Do you feel like you need more support then look at the extra benefits of the Premium program.

P.s. as a bonus you get plenty of extra tips and videos to promote your relaxation and stress reduction!

Attention! Because of the high level of interest, only 10 participants are accepted per month, so that personal attention remains optimal.



Natalie Spierings Natalie Spierings